Empire of Austenasia

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Want to get involved? Here's how.

Joining Austenasia

Most people who join Austenasia itself do so as a household. A family sends us a request to join the Empire, and after providing information and being deemed suitable for annexation, their house will be claimed as a new Town in the Empire.

Another way to join Austenasia is by claiming uninhabited land as a Territory. This is often somebody's garden, or an area of public land which they are able to raise our flag over. The claimant can then be appointed the Austenasian Governor of the land in question.

If you would be interested in claiming land for the Empire of Austenasia, whether inhabited or uninhabited, please contact us (see below).

Vacant positions

You can still contribute to the Empire even without joining as an actual citizen (although feel free to apply for Honorary Subjectship). We are looking for:
  • Artists - The Ministry for Culture is currently looking for artists to paint or draw works of art for the Empire. Commissioned pieces will likely be portraits or of a commemorative nature. We are also interested in artists skilled at digital works of art using computer software.
  • Bullmastiff owners - Since 2009, the Empire's  national animal has been the bullmastiff, a breed of dog. The Imperial Family used to own two bullmastiffs themselves (hence the choice of national animal), who held the position of Mascot. Since January 2018, the position has been vacant, and so we are now looking for bullmastiff owners who would like to have their pet be our next Mascot.
  • Diplomats - The Foreign Office is looking for ambassadors to represent us around the world. On the Foreign Office page, you can see a list of the countries to which we currently have ambassadors; if yours is not listed, please do feel free to contact us to request appointment as an Austenasian Ambassador.
  • Fundraisers - The Treasury is looking for fundraisers to help maintain the national income, which since 2013 has relied solely on voluntary donations.

Just interested, or still a bit confused as to what this is all about?

Please feel free to ask any questions by e-mailing us using the link below!


To contact the Austenasian government, please send an e-mail to austenasiapm@gmx.com.