Empire of Austenasia

General Information

Country name: conventional long form: Empire of Austenasia

                         conventional short form: Austenasia

Area: total: ~5,149,057 sq feet 

  • Wrythe: apprx. 2,874 sq feet
  • New Richmond: apprx. 288,128 sq feet
  • Amerdansk: apprx. 1,300 sq feet
  • Ionathanopolis: apprx. 21,365 sq feet
  • Palasia: apprx. 1,399 sq feet
  • Terentia: apprx. 149,638 sq feet
  • Caldari: apprx. 2,280 sq feet
  • Aurora: apprx. 12,042 sq feet
  • Beith Craobh Iostan: apprx. 26,170 sq feet
  • Corinium Terentium: apprx. 2,471,455 sq feet
  • Glencoe: 10 sq feet
  • Glencrannog: 1 sq foot
  • Hoagland: apprx. 14,628 sq feet
  • Dekker: apprx. 158,760 sq feet
  • Enfriqua: apprx. 4,413 sq feet
  • Esmondia: apprx. 4,305 sq feet
  • Imperia: apprx. 3,538 sq feet
  • Jovanovo: apprx. 415,374 sq feet
  • New South Scotland: apprx. 31,390 sq feet
  • Oregonia: apprx. 650 sq feet
  • Rushymia: apprx. 1,539,337 sq feet

Coastline: 0 ft; all exclaves landlocked

Population: 83 in total: 65 residents and 18 non-residential subjects through military service, having held the Throne, or having been granted the status by Parliament. The Empire also has 401 foreign Honorary Subjects, although this is merely a titular national affiliation granted upon application.

Political Information

Government type: Parliamentary autocratic monarchy

Capital: Wrythe

Administrative divisions: first-level: 5 Regions (and 8 Crown Dependencies); second-level: 7 Duchies; third-level: 12 Provinces; fourth-level: 6 Towns and Cities, 1 March, and 6 Territories.

Independence: from the United Kingdom, 20 September 2008.

Executive Branch:

Head of State: HIM Emperor Jonathan I (since 20 January 2013); heir presumptive is HIH Crown Princess Caroline (born 25 May 1998).

Head of Government: Prime Minister, HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Duke of Bohemia (since 4 March 2015).

House of Representatives: comprised of a Representative from each Town and City in Austenasia.

Elections: the monarchy is hereditary; the Prime Minister is voted for out of the Representatives every four years at the most.

Legislative Branch: The Parliament of Austenasia is comprised of the House of Representatives (including the Prime Minister if not also a Representative) and the Monarch.

Judicial Branch: Magistrates decide civil cases. In regards to criminal cases, Town Courts try misdemeanours, High Courts try second-class felonies, and the Imperial Court tries first-class felonies. Sentences are decided (some at their discretion, others within limits) by the Consuls.

Cultural Information

Nationality: noun/adjective: Austenasian

Religion: Christianity is the state religion of the Empire, but freedom of belief and worship is enshrined in the Constitution. As of January 2018, 67.1% of Austenasians are Christian (the largest denomination being the Orthodox Church), 16.45% follow another religion (the largest two of which are Hinduism and Islam), and 16.45% are irreligious.

Currency: Pound sterling ()

Languages: English is used for all official purposes and in everyday communication throughout the Empire, except in Jovanovo and Enfriqua, where Montenegrin and French are used respectively for everyday communication and for domestic government.

Flag description: The Austenasian Star - a yellow background with five thick red lines going from the centre; one to the middle of the top side of the flag, one to the middle of the left side, one to the middle of the right side, one to the bottom-left corner and one to the bottom-right corner.

National Anthem: God save the Emperor, based on and to the tune of God save the Queen.