Empire of Austenasia

The Foreign Office

The Foreign Office (formerly known as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) was founded in November 2008 by Act 21, with the purpose of maintaining diplomatic relations with other nations.

The Foreign Office is administered by the Chief Ambassador, who has since 8 October 2017 been His Imperial Majesty the Emperor.

RECOGNITION POLICY: The Foreign Office will not consider non-solicited diplomatic relations with any national or state-like entity which is not a member of the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Grand Unified Micronational, the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation, or the Community for Democracy and Rights of Nations.


The Empire of Austenasia has diplomats appointed to the following nations, regions and peoples:

  • Ambassador to Algeria: H.E. Akka Bey (since 6 February 2016)
  • Ambassador to Argentina: HRH King Tariq (since 6 February 2016)
  • Ambassador to Australia: H.E. Charlotte Lindstrom (since 30 March 2014)
    • Consul-General at Sydney: The Rt Hon. Sir Hugh McFarlane, KCA (since 13 April 2016)
  • Ambassador to Austria: H.E. Maximilian Brunner (since 11 July 2014)
  • Ambassador to Bangladesh: H.E. Md Ariful Islam Al Muyed (since 1 September 2015)
  • Ambassador to Belgium: H.E. Thibaut Naniot (since 31 August 2015)
  • Ambassador to Bhutan: H.E. Pema Tshering (since 13 August 2015)
  • Ambassador to Brazil: H.E. Sir Lucas Campos, KOB (since 17 March 2012)
  • Ambassador to Canada: Lord Rear Admiral Alastair Cranston, Duke of New Virginia (since 29 April 2014)
  • Ambassador to China: H.E. Danny Zhang (since 26 December 2012)
    • Consul-General in Hong Kong: Ming Him Chu (since 9 December 2014)
  • Ambassador to Croatia: H.E. Drago Plečko (since 23 March 2017)
  • Ambassador to Greece: HRH Prince Aggelos (since 25 April 2017)
  • Ambassador to India: H.E. Arvind Kumar Sharma (since 20 December 2014)
    • Consul at Lucknow: Naman Pandey (since 4 December 2017)
    • Consul-General at Mumbai: H.E. Professor Sir Sanjib Bhattacharya, KOB, OAO (since 1 August 2015)
    • Consul-General at New Delhi: Dr. R. N. Kalra (since 9 March 2017)
  • Ambassador to Italy: Lord Vincenzo Alfano, Ph.D (since 2 October 2015)
  • Ambassador to Japan: H.E. Kenichiro Fukui (since 11 June 2017)
  • Ambassador to Malta: HM Volfym (since 28 July 2011)
  • Ambassador to Namibia: H.E. Christopher van Wyk (since 22 September 2017)
  • Ambassador to the Netherlands: HG Duke Bradley of Dullahan (since 28 July 2011)
  • Ambassador to Nepal: H.E. Dr. Shyam Khadka (since 5 January 2017)
  • Ambassador to Nigeria: H.E. Valentine Nwankwo (since 16 February 2017)
  • Ambassador to the DPR of (North) Korea: H.E. Maximilian Brunner (since 10 January 2015)
  • Ambassador to Pakistan: H.E. Tariq Zubair, CAO (since 3 September 2015)
  • Ambassador to Poland: H.E. Patryk Tomala (since 28 January 2018)
  • Ambassador to Romania: King Ciprian (since 24 December 2011)
  • Ambassador to Russia: H.E. Alexey Semenov (since 13 November 2016)
  • Ambassador to Serbia: H.E. Nikola Jovanovic (since 17 February 2017)
  • Ambassador to Spain: H.E. Sir Dominic Connolly, KOB (since 12 June 2014)
    • Consul-General in Castile and León: HI&SH Princess Consort Hannah (since 16 September 2017)
      • Consul at Soria: HIM Emperor Jonathan I (since 16 September 2017)
  • Ambassador to Sri Lanka: H.E. Naseer Salahudeen (since 25 August 2015)
  • Ambassador to Sweden: H.E. Anders Saltborn (since 13 January 2016)
  • Ambassador to Switzerland: H.E. Michal Nowacki (since 29 April 2016)
  • Ambassador to Thailand: H.E. Sirikanlaya Yoskrai (since 12 February 2018)
  • Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates: H.E. Stephen Freayth (since 15 November 2016)
  • Ambassador to the United Kingdom: H.E. Lee Cant (since 4 February 2017)
    • Consul-General in England: Sir George Curtis, KPP (since 19 January 2011)
    • Consul-General in Scotland: Sir James von Puchow, Marquess of Atkantia (since 8 January 2015)
    • Consul-General in Northern Ireland: Jonny Blair (since 25 March 2015)
  • Ambassador to the United States of America: Lord Admiral Eren Lewis, Baron of Terentia (since 10 August 2015)
    • Consul in California: Sir Riley Small, CAO, OBS (since 6 April 2012)
    • Consul in Colorado: Michael Randall (since 21 March 2017)
    • Consul in Idaho: Isaac Alsop (since 26 December 2012)
    • Consul in Indiana: Sir Thomas Keister, Bt (since 27 February 2017)
    • Consul in Kentucky: HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy, Count of Greater Richmond (since 26 March 2014)
    • Consul in Louisiana: James Scott (since 28 December 2012)
    • Consul in Missouri: Dakoda George, SCP (since 22 May 2011)
    • Consul in Nevada: Pablo Macias (since 14 November 2017)
    • Consul in New Hampshire: Lord Travis Taylor (since 30 December 2017)
    • Consul-General in New York: James Thompson, SCP (since 16 March 2012)
    • Consul in North Carolina: Arturo Lara (since 27 November 2016)
    • Consul in Ohio: Grant Hawkins (since 11 April 2014)
    • Consul in Oregon: Mark of Enochtia (since 14 February 2017)
    • Consul in Pennsylvania: Mitchell Shapiro (since 13 March 2018)
    • Consul in Texas: Henry Clement (since 27 September 2016) 
    • Consul in Washington: HM King Adam I (since 26 April 2014)
    • Consul in Wyoming: Dallin Langford (since 13 September 2016)

  • HIM Emperor Jonathan I and HIH Lord Admiral Joseph Kennedy both currently serve as the Empire's delegates to the Grand Unified Micronational (since 4 June 2016) and to the Saint Josephsburg Economic Pact (since 15 June 2014).
  • H.E. Professor Sir Sanjib Bhattacharya, KOB, OAO has since since 13 August 2015 served as Ambassador-at-Large for the States bordering India, with authority to oversee the diplomatic activity of the Empire in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka, and to supervise any other Austenasian diplomats already stationed in said countries.
  • H.E. Tariq Zubair, CAO, has since 7 October 2017 served as Austenasian Envoy to Talossa.
  • Iron Lord Daniel Dankovsky, Duke of Dalmatia has since 23 January 2018 served as Ambassador-at-Large to Eastern Europe.

The Chief Ambassador, Emperor Jonathan I, is automatically responsible for contact with any nations not listed above. If you are interested in becoming Austenasian Ambassador to your own country, nation, people or region, then contact the Austenasian Government at: austenasiapm@gmx.com.

International Relations

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International Events

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Diplomatic Relations

Countries which are protected states of Austenasia:

Countries with which the Empire of Austenasia has signed a currently in force Treaty of Mutual Recognition:

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*The Empire of Austenasia does not recognise either Landashir, Mercia, the SMOM or Volfa as sovereign states, as they do not exercise sovereignty over territory. However, Landashir and Mercia are recognised as sovereign nations, whereas Volfa and the SMOM are recognised as sovereign entities under international law.

**While these countries have not granted official recognition to the Empire of Austenasia, the Empire claims to have received tacit recognition - that is, acts or conduct which, in the absence of any indication to the contrary, can be reasonably interpreted to imply recognition - from them for a variety of reasons.